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F is for Free 2 Be Me Dancers – A to Z Blogging Challenge

F on the Blogging A to Z ChallengeFree 2 Be Me Dance is an adaptive ballet class for kids with Down syndrome living in Los Angeles.

Director Coleen Perry was inspired by a program in Boston and now offers five year-round classes and several summer classes.

We found Free 2 Be Me Dance on You-Tube. The thirty minute documentary follows a group of dancers for an entire season.

You can also follow them on:


E is for Enjoy the Silence – A to Z Blogging Challenge

EDon’t you love the irony of songs with silence in the title? Simon and Garfunkle’s “The Sounds of Silence” is a classic.  The recent remake by Disturbed is (perhaps surprisingly) also pretty amazing.   My favorite, “Enjoy the Silence,” came out in 1990.

1990, the year The Simpson’s debuted with their own TV program. Gas was around $1.34 a gallon. East and west Germany reunited. And I was pregnant with a baby boy.

I didn’t have an ultrasound tell me, I just knew.  When “Enjoy the Silence” came out, I rubbed my belly and imagined the day I would sing to him, “All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here, in my arms.”

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D is for Dancin’ Dehvin – A to Z Blogging Challenge

D Blogging from A to ZWhat happens when a video goes viral?

A young man gets close to 10,000 likes on his Facebook page and the world gets to see that Down syndrome doesn’t get him down!


Dehvin loves to dance. His mother, Kenya Flowers shares his videos online and in October, 2015, one took off!


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C is for Chris Burke’s 50th Birthday Video – A to Z Blogging Challenge

C on Blogging A to ZHere on The Road, we LOVE actor, singer, advocate and pioneer, Chris Burke!

In August last year, we celebrated his 50th birthday and his retirement from the NDSS.


Mardra wrote a letter to Chris, which was published by the Huffington Post and we sent him a poster full of well wishes.

We also had a great time making a video tribute!

B is for Black Day Band – A to Z Blogging Challenge

BMarcus Sikora, a young man with Down syndrome is the lead vocalist and co-writer of this song, “We are the Band (Black Day!)” which was inspired by/written with his book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.

Marcus and Quinn Sikora co-wrote the lyrics and then a small but mighty group formed to work out the melody and lay down the tracks. Phil Reno is the guitar soloist and we think it rocks. Brad (Dienstbier) is on the bass (of course) and Quinn is drummer and programming and so on. There were others in the background, as there always are with music and videos. AND Noah Witchell – the book’s illustrator and animator of the short and this video –  – – WOW!

It was fun for me (Mom) to watch this all come together and I think you’ll agree that Marcus is, in fact, a master at the “rock and roll scream.”

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A is for Australia’s e.motion 21 – A to Z Blogging Challenge

A - Blogging From A to Ze.motion21 is an Australian non-profit organization that offers dance and exercise classes for children and young adults who have Down syndrome.  Founded in April, 2009, by Cate Sayers, e.motion21 has grown into a multi-site program with seven different locations across Victoria.

You can find out more about this fantastic group:

April A to Z Blogging Challenge – I’ve Got The Music In Me

For the third year, we’ll be participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge!

In 2014, our first attempt at the challenge, we asked for guest bloggers and shared a variety of personal stories and advocacy issues.
Last year, we adopted a theme “Together We Can Do So Much.”

This year we’re going to have some fun! Our theme is “I’ve Got The Music In Me.”

Music is an integral part of our lives. Take a look around our community and you’ll see that music is used for a variety of important tasks:
• Self-expression
• Education
• Physical fitness
• Socialization
• Awareness & Advocacy
• Employment

Join us for a month-long tribute to the tunes that keep us going and make life fun!

A new post every day in April (except for Sundays) !