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Annies Message Annie’s Message
Annie's strong will, often gets her into trouble, especially with her sister Emma. It wasn't until the annual Christmas play...
Picture book Diane Smit On Amazon (or Other)
Are There Stripes in Heaven Are There Stripes in Heaven?
Patrick's sister Colleen, a Down's syndrome child, helps him to appreciate various experiences, including going to Mass and seeing their...
Chapter book Lee Klein, Pam Mauseth On Amazon (or Other)
At the seaside At the Seaside (Friends)
Shows a boy with Down's Syndrome enjoying a trip to the seaside.  
Picture book D. Church On Amazon (or Other)
Avalanche on the Prairie
"A bike race to escape bullies leads Owl directly to a hidden world and life threatening danger."  
Chapter book Grant McKenzie, Averie Moppett On Amazon (or Other)
Avenging the Owl Avenging the Owl
Gr 5-8 "Most families look pretty normal from the outside," Solo Hahn reflects. His family looks like a father who...
Chapter book Melissa Hart  On Amazon (or Other)
Barnaby's Birthday Barnaby’s Birthday
Picture book John Fitzgerald On Amazon (or Other)
Be Good to Eddie Lee Be Good to Eddie Lee
In this touching picture book, a girl discovers a new capacity for friendship when she spends some time with a...
Picture book Virginia Fleming On Amazon (or Other)
Be Quiet Marina! Be Quiet, Marina!
Be Quiet, Marina! has wonderful illustrations and a realistic story told with sympathy. This book is appropriate for any regular...
Picture book Kirsten De Bear, Laura Dwight On Amazon (or Other)
Be You Tiful Love Sofia Be You Tiful Love, Sofia
"Poof! Then magic happened, from light inside my heart. They loved me and I learned, I am capable, kind and...
Picture book Margaret O'Hair On Amazon (or Other)