G on Blogging from A to Z

G is for Get Moving – A to Z Blogging Challenge

G on Blogging from A to Z

Research tells us that adults with Down syndrome typically do not get the recommended amount of exercise.  One way to get moving is with the popular dance fitness program called Zumba.


In May of last year, noted Down syndrome health expert, Dr. Brian Chicoine from The Adult Down Syndrome Clinic in Parkridge, IL, was interviewed for this piece about healthy living for those with Down syndrome.  In it, we meet Becky Kubica, 26, and hear about how she is losing weight and getting fit.

“Eat good food and I love Zumba so much!” Kubica said.

Adults with Down syndrome not only participate in Zumba classes, they also teach them!

Esta maestra con síndrome de down da la mejor clase de zumba que he visto

Posted by Antonio Del Valle Toca on Monday, December 8, 2014



Beth, who happens to have Down Syndrome, is a 21-yr-old certified Zumba instructor, teaching Zumba to a class of fellow teens and adults with disabilities.


So if you love music – Zumba might be one way to combine much needed activity with the songs you love!   Get moving!

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  1. I loved all your A-Z posts. I have two Down’s Syndrome grandchildren. Hayden went to his first prom last night. I am emailing you their picture. Taylor is in her mid twenties.

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