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April A to Z Blogging Challenge: Marriage

Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

One of life’s milestones, something we all see as a normal life goal, is sometimes just out of reach for some of our adult children with Down syndrome. Marriage represents opportunities for advocacy in two different areas: the personal and the public. Continue reading April A to Z Blogging Challenge: Marriage

B is for Ruby Bridges: “The Road” Scholars April A to Z Blogging Challenge

For The Love of Musicals


In the six-week course “For the Love of Music” we talk about movie and Broadway musicals.

Several of the musicals we explore have a historical context.

Ruby Bridges on The Road Scholars

When we talk about “Hairspray,” which is set in 1962 Baltimore, Maryland, we look at a few civil rights icons, including Ruby Bridges, “the first African-American child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis in 1960.”  (Wikipedia)

"The Road" Scholars

To see our full line of courses and join in the learning fun visit us at https://theroadscholars.moodlecloud.com


Down Syndrome History in Film – Institutions

Every Sunday during Down Syndrome Awareness Month we’ll be taking a look at how a particular movie(s) portrays a piece of our community’s history. To start us off, we’ll look at how two films, one narrative and one documentary, portrayed institutional life of people with intellectual disabilities. Continue reading Down Syndrome History in Film – Institutions

Why I LOVE the 321 eConference! Knowledge is Power – & Giveaway!

321 eConference

Part of being a parent is learning what you need to know in order to support your children. When something like Down syndrome is involved there’s much more to learn. Access to information can be very different from family to family based on a multitude of reasons.  The 321 eConference levels the playing field a bit by providing access to experts at reasonable prices.

Continue reading Why I LOVE the 321 eConference! Knowledge is Power – & Giveaway!

Disability Day of Mourning

Today is a day set aside to remember a group of people we have lost to soon.

People with disabilities who were killed by a family member.

From the memorial site:

Every year on March 1st, the disability community comes together to remember the victims of filicide – people with disabilities murdered by their family members. Vigils are held on the Day of Mourning in cities around the world.

We have identified 20 individuals who had Down syndrome on that list.



There is no excuse, no reason that makes it understandable.

New Year, Moving Further Down The Road

Happy New Year

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that there is truth behind the saying, “Man plans, and God laughs.” Still, at the end of every year mortals attempt to plan out the next 365 days.  As parents of children with special needs we’ve done our share of goal setting…

“I will complete X with Y% accuracy Z% of the time”

So, in the interest of tradition, productivity, and accountability I’m attempting to set goals for 2016 on The Road.

Continue reading New Year, Moving Further Down The Road

Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Different is Cool!

By: Stephanie Holland

Different is cool!

Happy National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Here at The Road, we’re celebrating our differences. As part of the celebration, we’ll be posting photos every day, sometimes twice a day at 3:21 pm EST and CST.   Be sure to follow the fun on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

(For a little background on why we chose this theme, check out this old post from my Walkersvillemom Blog.)



Equality vs equity