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#BornThisWay Surprises All Around

Cast of Born This Way on stage at the Emmy Awards
For the first time ever, a series starring a cast with disabilities has won an Emmy Award – Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series

This week has been a very big one for fans of Born This Way on A&E.  The show continues to break new ground and prove that Hollywood just might learn a thing or two from people with disabilities – and their families.

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X-Factor on the A to Z Blogging Challenge

X-Factor on the A to Z Blogging Challenge

What is it that makes someone an entertainer? In our community, we often joke that the urge to be a performer must be on the 21st chromosome.  Today, we spotlight the performers who entered our first annual #321LipSync Battle last month and examine the X-Factor that each one of them have!

My son Joshua absolutely loves Michael Jackson’s music!


Marcus is a Broadway fan!


Devon is a serious Lip Sync fan!


If you’ve seen Born This Way on A&E, you know that Sean M. is consummate entertainer!


And Sean S., our winner, has got the moves!

I think you’ll agree – they’ve all got that special “X-factor” that makes them entertainers!