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C is for Chris Burke’s 50th Birthday Video – A to Z Blogging Challenge

C on Blogging A to ZHere on The Road, we LOVE actor, singer, advocate and pioneer, Chris Burke!

In August last year, we celebrated his 50th birthday and his retirement from the NDSS.


Mardra wrote a letter to Chris, which was published by the Huffington Post and we sent him a poster full of well wishes.

We also had a great time making a video tribute!

#ChrisBurke50 – Happy Birthday Chris!

Straight Outta Love For ChrisToday we celebrate the 50th birthday of a pioneer in Down syndrome advocacy. Chris Burke became famous with his role as “Corky” in Life Goes On – but he didn’t stop there. His music and his message have been a source of hope for so many – especially those in the generation that grew up with him.

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