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Meet Rion!

Since we first met Rion in 2014 he has graduated from Crimson Life and now has a job, with competitive pay, a great group of friends and he lives life to the fullest!

Originally posted 10/29/14

Meet Rion!

Rion is 20 years old and attends Clemson University at part of the Clemson LIFE program.  Like other college freshmen, he lives in a campus dorm and enjoys socializing with other college students as well as attending the football games.  In addition to taking literacy, math, technology, and cooking classes, Rion enjoys his bowling and equine classes, working out every day in the gym, and volunteering as an assistant with a children’s soccer league.  A busy guy!  Next semester Rion will begin an internship.  He has worked as a busboy at Paul’s Wood-fired Burgers in Roebuck, SC.
What stands out the most about Rion is his giving nature.  He will do anything for those in need whether it is helping the elderly or giving care to the sick.  Rion is a quiet, low key guy.  He likes staying behind the scenes, cheering others on and giving assistance however needed.

Rion’s favorites:

Music – Country (Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts)

Favorite song:  Life is a Highway, The Boys ‘Round Here

Movie – Jack Frost, Shrek, comedies and musicals

TV show – Glee and Austin and Ally

Sports he plays:  swimming, baseball, bowling, basketball

Favorite pastimes:  singing karaoke, spending time at the pool with friends, boating and tubing on the lake, spending time with family

Favorite food:  sub sandwiches

Favorite team:  Clemson Tigers

Best thing about college:  meeting cute girls and being with friends

Favorite memory:  Getting invited to the Orange Bowl by the Orange Bowl Committee and Danielle Bradbury (The Voice winner)

Rion on The Road We've Shared for Down syndrome Awareness month

Meet Joey!

We are saddened that Joey is now dealing with dementia. However, his sister Marianne reports:  “His health is fabulous and he is so happy!” Our prayers are with Joe and his family.

Visit them on Joey’s Ups with Downs.

Originally posted 10/22/14

Meet Joey

Joey Solinsky, the oldest of six children, has Down syndrome. He works in a local barbershop sweeping hair and enjoys a massage every other week. Joey lives in a group home. His interests include watching old TV shows, listening to his radio on his headphones and writing his calendars.

It is hard not to smile when Joey is around.

Joey Solinsky




Meet Dev!

Originally posted 10/16/14.  Go to RaiseExpectations to see what Dev’s been up to.  (Hint – it includes college and the White House)
Meet Dev on The Road We've Shared for Down syndrome Awareness month

Dev just turned 18

She is a Cheer Leader through and through

She loves to dance and sing

Her favorite class is Marine Biology

After graduating high school in the spring, she will be taking classes at the community college

She enjoys challenging herself and annoying her younger brother 🙂