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Unexpected Joys – Blog Hop

When was the unexpected better than what you expected?
This question comes from Mardra in her latest blog hop.She suggests that we go with our first thought – that’s easy – Josh.

I’ve often mentioned to family and friends how lucky I am to have Josh as a son.

There’s no drug issues
No fear of becoming a grandparent too soon
No late night parties, speeding tickets, or car accidents

There are frequent and sincere “I love you”s
Genuine gratitude freely expressed
Hugs in public

and companionship.

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Josh Gets it

Don’t underestimate him!!

One of my favorite things to do is to “eavesdrop” on the conversations that Josh has with himself, his “boys” (the stuffed animals he surrounds himself with) or the television.  As an only child, he’s had develop his own ways of entertaining himself, and he’s a pro at it by now.

Every now and then I’ll realize that I’ve heard him say the same thing before.  There’s one phrase that he keeps repeating on a regular basis “it’s a BABY talking!”   It made me wonder what the heck was going on so I decided to look into it.   Turns out, he’s talking to a commercial.

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