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—We welcome your input about the books. Please complete our survey about how the books represent Down syndrome.

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—We have not read all of the books yet so if you find one that you think should not be listed here – because it does not include Down syndrome, not because it is a negative representation – please let us know. 

—The descriptions shown here are from other sources – not our own. As this project evolves, we will replace them. If you complete a survey, we may incorporate your comments. 

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—A note about our use of “multicultural”: while it could be said that all of the books here are multicultural because of the inclusion of Down syndrome, we are using the term to mean the presence of children of color. We can use your help recognizing these books since it is often hard to tell from the cover and previews given by booksellers.

—If you have any questions, comments, or would like to suggest a book we’ve missed, please email us at: childrenslibrary@theroadweveshared.com


We hope this list helps you and the children in your life find a new favorite book.

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