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A Special Day For Lucas
 Author: Kathie Mowrer Fields, Sheri Mowrer Lawrence  : 2006 On Amazon (or Other)

A Special Day For Lucas tells the story of Kathie Fields’ grandson, Lucas Fields, who was born with Down syndrome in 1996. Lucas and his parents have faced many challenges, but he always loved being in the water and swimming. With the love of his family guiding and nurturing him, he transformed his passion for swimming into his greatest challenge yet. . . competing in the 2005 Special Olympics. The book is beautifully illustrated by Sheri Lawrence, the niece of the author. Sheri used actual photos from Luke’s birth to 2005 when he first competed in the Special Olympics swimming in Hamilton Co. in Cincinnati. Lucas is Fields’ son’s first born. He and his parents, Jeff and Chris Fields, appeared in the 1996 video “Like Any Child” that was produced by the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio.

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