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 Author: Pam Bonsper  : 2016

A little boy who has Down syndrome tells his classmates why he is a little different than other kids his age. Since he cannot speak clearly, the book is read to his Kindergarten classmates by his grandma and mother. In the book, the little boy educates his peers about Down syndrome. He answers their questions: Why can’t they understand him? Why is he so small? Why does it take him longer to learn things? How can they help him? He explains that he has an extra chromosome in every cell. His explanation is age-appropriate and told with humor. This book is an educational children’s picture book in black and white so the children can draw or color to enhance the images in their own ways. It is a very simple way to explain the difficulties children with DS encounter. But in the end, the little boy reminds his classmates that there are more similarities than differences between him and everyone else. It can be used as is or the name of any child can be substituted for the little boy’s name.

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