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Almost Twins: A Story about Friendship and Inclusion
 Author: Anna Penland, Anna Moates  : 2021 Tags:friendships | On Amazon (or Other)

From the moment Anna and Anna met at Auburn University, they realized they had so much in common, they HAD to call each other “twin.” Many people celebrate that people are all the same, but the twins respectfully disagree- which is why this duo dubbed themselves as the Almost Twins. This “almost” signifies the beautiful difference in not only someone with Down syndrome and their typical peers but each and every one of us. We all have something unique to celebrate. Take a look around- maybe you have an almost twin too! Visit our website at to learn more about our story and for helpful materials on how to celebrate our differences.

Come join the Almost Twins on their friendship journey! Discover why the Annas are stronger together, and how they help and encourage each other every day. From ordering at a restaurant to planning a party, the Almost Twins are up for any challenge


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