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Hoob & Brabble

 Author: C. Weed  : 2003

Rickey has an incredible adventure as he travels through the mysterious world of dreams in search of his family and a way back to the land of reality. In the process, he meets up with Hoob, a cantankerous critter who loves beebops, and Brabble, the loveable prankster. Meanwhile, deep in the waters of the forbidden river, a wutherbeast patiently waits, and in his eyes glows the power of a mysterious and loathsome side. Will Ricky and his friends find the elusive city of the dreaming children, and will the mysterious gate keeper be able to help? Rickey learns in order to return home to his parents and brother, David, he must face his challenger, the wutherbeast, and to do so, he must be very, very brave.

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