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I Like Berries, Do You?

 Author: Marjorie W. Pitzer  : 2013

This lighthearted board book by the author of I Can, Can You? and My Up & Down & All Around Book features wonderful photographs of young children with Down syndrome enjoying a wide selection of healthful foods, from fruits and veggies to meats and snacks.

Simple, singsong questions–I like broccoli, do you?–invite participation by little ones (ages birth-4) as they anticipate and say the word for the food in each photograph. And when youngsters see kids just like themselves eating nutritious foods with different textures, temperatures, colors, tastes, and smells, they’ll want to try them too!

I Like Berries, Do You? encourages a varied diet that can minimize potential sensory or oral-motor issues often associated with Down syndrome. Read it from cover to cover with your child, or tailor it to meet your child’s specific dietary needs (GF/CF, non-allergenic).


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