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Lyndara and the Zeespot

 Author: James W. Holmes   : 2009

This little book is a tribute to the author’s beautiful granddaughter, Lyndara, who is now a teenager, walking and going to school and riding horses and shining her light upon the world. There was a time when those of us who love her were so saddened by her condition that we could hardly bear to think about it. No more. We have now come to understand that Down Syndrome does not have to mean gloom and disaster for all concerned, that conversely, because it can bring about such a broadening of awareness and empathy within a family and their circle of friends and associates, it can be a blessing for them and for all others they touch because of it. And, yes, the Zeespot is real, too…because it is a creation of love…as is the Angel that also lives at Lyndara’s house. “God bless us every one.”

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