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 Author: Chip Reece  : 2015

The story in Metaphase is inspired by the author’s real-life superhero son, who has Down syndrome. Lash is one of the greatest superheroes of all time, but his life is forever changed when his son, Ollie, is born with all the physical vulnerabilities that come along with having heart defects and Down syndrome. As Ollie gets older he becomes tired of his dad’s over-protection and unwillingness to include him in his superhero adventures. Ollie has lived his life listening to the world tell him he will be limited in what he can do and with the added frustration of being compared to a dad with unlimited abilities. Fueled by his desire to be “super”, Ollie turns to Meta-Makers – a company that claims it can give anyone superpowers through chromosome tampering. Unfortunately, Ollie’s decision may be disastrous for the greatest hero of all time… his dad! 

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