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My Name is Colin: . . . and this is who I am
 Author: Brian A. Beale  : 2010 On Amazon (or Other)

Colin is a kid born with Down syndrome. He is not the Down syndrome kid. In My Name is Colin…and this is who I am, author, Brian A. Beale writes about the all-important topic of people-first language and the significant impact our words have on others. He shows us that people with disabilities are so much more than just their diagnoses. They are people first and foremost and by simply being more aware and choosing to use people-first language, we can all become more sensitive and respectful to individuals with disabilities and their families. As a follow-up to his first children’s book, Colin Gets a Chance, Brian A. Beale again raises up his son, Colin, as he continues his mission to promote and honor individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities. This time, he’s chosen a subject of extreme importance to individuals with disabilities and those closest to them. People-first language is a new way of thinking that leads to a new way of talking about people with disabilities. It’s such an easy, yet powerful, tool we can all use to show respect for everyone with a disability, recognizing all the wonderful things they can do. My Name is Colin…and this is who I am will get you thinking differently when referring to individuals with special needs. It provides a unique approach to parents and teachers in opening-up the lines of communication with their children regarding people-first language. As with Colin Gets a Chance, all the illustrations in My Name is Colin…and this is who I am were done by individuals with Down syndrome, truly exemplifying what they can do if just given a chance. Every inspiring illustration is a testament to the fact that these kids are so much more alike than different. They are so much more than their disability.

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