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Russ and the Almost Perfect Day (Day with Russ)

 Author: Janet Elizabeth Rickert, Pete McGahan  : 2001

Russ is having an excellent day — his Mom makes his favourite breakfast; he gets ready for school in time to catch the end of his favourite TV show; and he finds a 5-dollar bill on the way to school. It doesn’t take long for Russ to decide to keep the money and treat himself and his friend Kevin to ice cream at lunch. Good things keep happening to Russ. He’s invited to a birthday party; he rides a scooter during gym; and his science class visits a very cool exhibit of cold-blooded animals. After lunch, Russ and Kevin are standing in line for ice cream when they notice a girl who’s crying. She’s upset over losing the five dollars she’d brought to buy a special lunch that day. Uh-oh, think Kevin and Russ, could this be the same five dollars they found? And, just when they were about to take their first lick! Young readers will sympathise with Russ’s difficult decision. Should he give the girl the money or not? Here’s a clue: Russ continues to have an almost perfect day even though it doesn’t include ice cream.


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