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Russ and the Firehouse (Day with Russ)

 Author: Janet Elizabeth Rickert, Pete McGahan  : 2000

Russ, a five-year-old boy with Down syndrome, tags along with his Uncle Jerry, a fireman, during a day of work at a real firehouse. Captured in detail with vivid colour photographs, this story begins as Russ goes ‘on duty’ for the day. He helps inspect the fire equipment — the axe, fire hydrant, flashlight, ladders, fire truck — to make sure that it’s all working OK. He also discovers that a very important job at the firehouse is keeping the equipment clean, so Russ and Uncle Jerry start scrubbing and rinsing. Even Sparky the Dalmatian gets a sudsy bath. After they’re finished everything in the firehouse is sparkling — except Russ, who’s just a little bit wet.

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