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Shannon, the Rule Breaker, Meets the Wolf
 Author: Lisa Minty  : 2020 On Amazon (or Other)

This book is about a little girl called Shannon who doesn’t listen to the rules set to make all the children safe on their nursery day out. Shannon gets lost in the woods where she meets an unlikely friend. It’s a mixture of funny bits as well as exciting and almost scary in places. I am hoping this book, and following stories, will change peoples’ perspective of children and even adults with Down’s syndrome. Down’s syndrome is something my child was born with but it does not define her. Down’s syndrome is nothing to be scared of and it doesn’t mean that they should be limited. They are still children and adults first with a whole new level of mischief with it and I am hoping to break the outdated negativity surrounding Down’s syndrome, bringing hope to parents on a similar journey to ours.


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