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Sister Butterfly: An Illustrated Song About Inclusion, Belonging, and Compassion

 Author: Mike Mirabella  : 2020

Sister Butterfly is an illustrated story with songs: About Inclusion, Belonging, and Compassion. Carla approaches a favorite corner of the garden where she feels safe and happy. Her vigilant brother knows that Carla can create beautiful fantasies as she twirls around and round to music only she can hear, engaged in quiet conversation with the small creatures and her favorite flowers. Sister Butterfly is a loving and compassionate portrayal of how to find connection with those who may think or communicate differently. Sister Butterfly, depicts a beautiful child, who is a gift to her sibling, family, and community. Even though her abilities seem different, she speaks volumes to those who listen and understand. The verse sings with joy as vibrant illustrations pop with color, drawing the reader inside this world of love. Siblings and friends will see the true beauty of knowing a child with Down syndrome, or any other disability in a new way.

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