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The Down Syndrome Superhero

 Author: Eugene Tossany   : 2020

Spying a strange silver light glowing from the undergrowth, Josie and her trusty dog, Zeke, make the startling discovery that will change their family’s lives forever. Unknown to the residents, the town lies beneath a rainbow vortex, with access to an alternate dimension. Rocked by a meteor crash and two tragic murders, Josie and her parents, along with the town’s residents must figure out the connection between the portal, Josie’s best friend, Cilantra, and the mysterious goings-on. Can Josie and her family solve the suspicious murders and close the portal? This supernatural tale explores the relationship between Josie, a Down Syndrome child, and her parents, as they attempt to protect her from sexual predators associated with an unknown dimension. An intriguing story encompassing a delicate topic, The Down Syndrome Superhero supports an active imagination and guarantees to take you on a literary adventure.

YA Library