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The Handy Helpers, Seven Is a Perfect Number
 Author: Rosemary Morgan Heddens  : 2014 On Amazon (or Other)

While Melissa is laid up with the chicken pox, Laura and Amber meet Doris Duncan’s granddaughter, Beth Anne, who has Down syndrome. They invite Beth Anne to take Melissa’s place as a volunteer at the senior center. When grouchy Mrs. Henry breaks her hip, the girls are called on to lend a hand. Laura and Amber reluctantly agree and take Beth Anne along. Though she’s afraid of Mrs. Henry at first, Beth Anne soon becomes her companion, even helping Mrs. Henry get out of her wheelchair. In the meantime, Melissa’s jealousy comes into play as Beth Anne asks to become a permanent member of The Handy Helpers. Reader comments “I would give this book a five star rating and would highly recommend it to everyone. I like the relationships that each character forms with Beth Anne. I also think some of the situations they get into are so funny but real life like. I love the great moral values talked about in the book. It inspires me to want to start a Handy Helpers group myself” -Sadie Mullins


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