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Tubes in My Ears: Down Syndrome and Surgery

 Author: Georgia Villalobos  : 2008

Tubes in My Ears: Down Syndrome and Surgery is about a child who was blessed with an extra chromosome known as Down syndrome who had ear surgery. Georgia Villalobos shows how Tori could make light of a challenging situation. Victoria (Tori) was able to make light of her ear surgery and have fun in the hospital. She met new people and was not afraid of what lied ahead of her. Her healing time was eased by proper care and a bright outlook. While the book is aimed at children with special needs, it is enjoyable for all children. It has pictures to show each step as we go through her adventure. This book is a start of a new series of books about Tori’s adventures as a child with Down syndrome. It will act as an enjoyable on-going story for children with Down syndrome to follow along with Tori and her unique and special challenges, focusing on the bright sides of what lies ahead. The goal is simple: let other special needs children know that they are not alone in this world and that while challenges may lay ahead, so do many smiles and laughs.


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