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Untold Fortunes

 Author: Penina Weiser  : 2016

Fourteen-year-old Aviva Weinstein has the perfect life-an amazing best friend, adorable siblings, and a dazzling pink-and-white trimmed bedroom. But when a family member’s medical condition turns her life upside down, Aviva is determined to keep it a secret, burying the truth under layers of deception and despair. In a convent in war-torn Holland, filled with stern nuns and rigid mealtimes, two Jewish girls cling to each other in fear, until Feige Rubinovsky is separated from her little sister. Will they be able to reunite before time runs out? Untold Fortunes is a heartwarming and suspenseful story about overcoming fear of the unknown and discovering life’s treasures in the most unlikely places.

YA Library