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What Kyle can do

 Author: Conni Branscom; Brooke Luckadoo Hicks; Marcin Piwowarski  : 2016

What Kyle Can Do receives bright, large drawings by Marcin Piwowarski to accompany the story of seven-year-old Mya, who enjoys being a big sister to her siblings. There’s a difference in her family when brother Kyle is born, however, for he has Down syndrome, and all the things Mya had dreamed of doing with her new brother seem impossible. The message here isn’t about Kyle’s limitations so much as his possibilities. As Mya learns what Down syndrome means for her and her family, she also absorbs the basics of the condition and the possibilities of Kyle bringing joy to her family’s life, and young readers are brought into her journey of discovery. Parental read-aloud assistance will enhance this story; especially since it opens the door for discussions of Down syndrome and why Mya comes to realize that having such a brother “makes her family special”.


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