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Where Is Beau?
 Author: Suzanne Grinnell, Joshua Peter  : 2008 On Amazon (or Other)

Kara is a sweet little girl with Down’s syndrome. She has a lot of friends, but her best friend is her dog, Beau. Kara and Beau love to play games together. Beau is a little mischievous which adds a lot to their fun. Children will delight in reading about the adventures of Kara and Beau as the learn and practice reading basic sight words. SUZANNE GRINNELL lives in her home town of Geneva, IL with her dog Beau. She has been a special education teacher for 6 years and currently works with children with learning disabilities in her private practice. She first wrote “Where is Beau” as a story for one of her students to help teach beginning sight words. She has just completed the second story for the Kara and Beau series and is looking forward to creating other adventures for the series. JOSHUA PETER is an illustration student at Northern Illinois University. He currently resides in DeKalb, IL.


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