Fans of A & E’s Born This Way will never forget John’s music video for Shake Your Booty!


His profile page on the A & E site describes him perfectly:

John is an entertainer, through and through, always expressing himself through his music, writing, and dance. He is a particularly adept rapper, working diligently on his debut album, “JT: The Project.”

John is always a voice of reason for the group and adds a party atmosphere to any situation.

Anchored by his mother, Joyce, his large family supports him in all of his creative endeavors. John seeks to take his music to the next level.


Watch him and Rachel on local news KTLA5:


 We miss John and all of the cast and wish them well in all they do!



4 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge – Down Syndrome in the Media – John Tucker

  1. I just discovered your blog today when I followed the link from a comment you left at mine. I’m very excited about your theme. One of my nephews had Down syndrome, and he loved (as in loved, loved, loved) movies. I’ll try to follow each day from this point, and go back later to catch the ones I missed.

  2. This is such a great topic for the challenge. I love that you’re highlighting so much media and so many actors/personalities I haven’t been exposed to before.

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