Another way people learn about Down syndrome is through literature. We’ll talk about memoires later in the month. Today, let’s talk about fiction. Down syndrome in children’s literature is an area that I talk a lot about- but today I want to focus on adult fiction.

Just Like Other Daughters by Colleen Faulkner is the story of a mother and her caregiving of an adult child with Down syndrome.  Alicia, the mom, struggles, just like we all do, with her own thoughts and the reactions of others. She tries to do what is best for her daughter Chloe, but who should decide what BEST looks like?

Chloe falls in love with Thomas. It’s the same girl meets boy story we’ve all read before – but is it? Questions around guardianship vs. independence, caregiving vs. teaching, and ultimately responsibility make this story different. 

This compelling story is next up on our Story Club an online book club for parents of adult children who have Down syndrome.  It will be the first fiction book on our list. 

You can find it on Amazon and other booksellers as well as


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