One of the most important areas of representation is children’s literature.  Books aimed at younger readers have the potential to have a positive impact or to do great harm when it comes to Down syndrome.  Naked Without a Hat is a unique story, presented in a unique way. 

From Goodreads:

Life isn’t going so well for 19-year-old Will. His mother is always nagging him about the lucky knit hat that he never takes off; his mother’s boyfriend has forbidden Will to play “Wild Thing”—the only song he knows—on the guitar; and he just got fired from his job at Burger King. But Will’s luck changes when he moves into a flat with Chrissy, James, and Rocko and gets a new job at the local park.

At the park Will meets Zara, a gypsy girl whose family is camping there illegally. Will has never been happier. Until his mother threatens to ruin everything by revealing Will’s childhood secret. Is Will and Zara’s love for each other strong enough to survive? 

If you’re interested in YA literature (Amazon says it’s for ages 14+) I recommend reading it and then maybe joining us when we discuss it in our Inclusion Club

Stats from Amazon:

Naked Without a Hat stats

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