In our final look behind the scenes of Down syndrome in media we’re going to acknowledge some of the people who work hard to make sure that people with disabilities are represented fairly and accurately in all aspects of media.

The Disability & Media Alliance Project was founded in 2008.

Disability & Media Alliance Project

You can follow them on their website and Facebook.

One of the resources that D-MAP recommends is the Disability Language Style Guide published by the National Center on Disability and Journalism. The style guide offers the most up-to-date information on acceptable and appropriate terms. Anyone who writes or talks about disability in a public forum can benefit from the great resources available on this site.

As a final tool, we suggest that anyone involved in creating films or other media to be shared with the general public have at least a basic understanding of the evolution of disability media history and some of the stereotypes to avoid. For that, here’s one of many good sources.

Disability Stereotypes

We hope that you find these organizations and sites helpful whether you’re a media consumer or creator!

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