Dakota’s Pride – Documentaries That Span 10 Years in the Lives of People with Down Syndrome Two of the films in our DOWNs Town Theater come from filmmaker and father, Girard Sagmiller. The first, Dakota’s Pride, introduces us to several people with Down syndrome (Ds) and professionals who care for them.  It tells the story of a father looking for answers about Ds after his family’s newest addition is diagnosed with the genetic condition. The second, Dakota’s Pride 2.0 is a follow-up to that film. In it, Sagmiller re-connects with some of the stars of the first film, 10 years later.

The PBS documentary Dakota’s Pride

In December, 2016, Dakota’s Pride 2.0 won a Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award!

Dakota's Pride 2.0 Dakota's Pride 2.0

We had the honor of showing Dakota’s Pride 2.0 at the Ethan Saylor Memorial Film Festival in January!

OFFICIAL SELECTION-The Ethan Saylor Memorial Film Festival 2017

And in April you’ll be able to catch Dakota’s Pride 2.0 on the big screen in the Kansas City Film Festival.

Dakotas Pride Kansas City Film Fest

We hope you’ll hop over to the Mall Theater and check out the listings for both films which include how you can watch them!

DOWNs Town Mall Theater

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