Now more than ever, news travels fast.  Why, here at The Road, we’re publishing stories daily on Facebook and Twitter, and writing editorial comments on the news on our blog on a regular basis.   

We realize that not everybody has time to read everything as it happens; and some people don’t subscribe to Facebook or Twitter.  That’s why we created a weekly overview of important stories from all over the internet.  Every Sunday we give our community a chance to sit back with a cup of coffee and catch up on events from the past week.  

Signposts on The Road is an online newspaper hosted on  Each week you’ll find copies of stories that we published on our different social media outlets, plus new stories from different venues.  Everything has to do with adults who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  

So if you’re looking for the latest on research or politics, or you just want to see what photos were shared during the week – Signposts is for you!

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