Today’s post comes from Ethan Saylor’s paternal grandmother.  I’m so grateful to her for sharing her memories with us.

Ethan Saylor was the first grandchild for Bob and Dottie Saylor.  He had a special relationship with Grandma and Nanny (as he called Granddad).  Ethan spent a lot of time with them and Thursday nights were always Ethan nights.  His Mom or one of his caretakers would drop him off at their house and he would eat dinner with them.  Some of his favorites were pizza, rice and brownies.  He spent a lot of time at the head of the table, usually going through one of him many notebooks, or playing cards or board games.  Ethan loved to sneak food when he thought no one was looking.  Grandma often found Hershey Kiss wrappers hidden throughout the house after he went home.   Ethan loved to sing and play his harmonica.  On cold days, he could often be found sitting on the front porch on the glider playing his harmonica and singing at the top of his lungs.  Most of the time you had to listen carefully to understand what he was singing… one of his favorites was “Amazing Grace”.