Grease on The Road Scholars on the A to Z Blogging Challenge

In our “For the Love of Music” course we talk about musical theater, on Broadway and in movie theaters.

In a fabulous piece by Down syndrome specialist and advocate Dr. Dennis McGuire mused about how things would be “If People With Down Syndrome Ruled The World.”

Acting and theatrical arts would be encouraged for all.

Musicals would be very, very, very, big (such as “Grease,” and “The Sound of Music”)

We agree Dr. McGuire! That’s why we created this course.

The six week course looks at four musicals per week based on the following topics.

  • Week 1 – From Broadway to the Big Screen Part 1 (Vintage)
  • Week 2 – From Broadway to the Big Screen Part 2 (Modern)
  • Week 3 – From the Big Screen to Broadway
  • Week 4 – Disney Musicals
  • Week 5 – Award winners – Tony Awards
  • Week 6 – Award winners – Oscars 

And we start with “Grease!”

"The Road" Scholars

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