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If you have an extra chromosome, it might also mean that you’ve got an extra music gene too!  The natural rhythm and beat can come out quickly and sometimes when you least expect it.  Our almost 8 year old loves music just like his older brothers in high school and college.  Perhaps that help nurture and influence his taste in music.He wants to be like Mark when he must have an iPad playing music while he dances in the shower.  He mimics oldest brother Will when he is quick to tell me get the music turned up on the radio in the car and to change the station when he doesn’t like what’s playing.  He watched Luke turn music on while doing Saturday chores and learned that whistling while working makes the job go by quicker.   And Jared is definitely a Smolka Boy because he loves to dance!


We started dancing with the boys early.  Our Valentine’s Day would always be a home cooked special dinner to celebrate the love of family.  We’d turn on Ray Charles or other classic music and the boys would dance with me in the kitchen.  They learned that boys who could dance get the girls.  This came in handy for many quinceañeras in Texas.

Jared is not going to break the dancing rhythm of the Smolka Boys.

When Jared was only 5 even the music in the grocery store would have him dancing down the aisle as he picked out cereal.

Just last week, he thought that dancing just be added as an event to the Special Olympics Track & Field Meet at Waxahachie ISD when the loud speakers started broadcast music in between announcements.

There are a few phrases that have become a motto in our life raising four boys.  The first one is “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”  When we see Jared dancing … anywhere and everywhere, we know that this one is important for our journey with Down syndrome.  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … It’s about learning to dance in the rain.


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