Today we have another story written by someone who has Down syndrome. Just Try and Stop Me, written by Mackenzie Meyer and Beth Rowe is a unique book in that Mackenzie’s words are captured true to life in some parts, and in others Rowe uses complete sentences to get Mackenzie’s thoughts across.



I love to dance. with my Life I want. to start dancing. with. my

Heart. to the world

I like most do it all my Heart. and love when I am down. I sing with. joy in my soul

my favourite songs. Worship. Terri. Clark yearwood my most Important in my life to show world who I am


I imagine that this style of writing is more difficult than it appears. I once included my son in a research project where he told stories about his adventures. I learned, as I transcribed what he was saying, that I hear complete sentences when he speaks, even though the words aren’t really there.  It’s how I “translate” for him when we are with people who aren’t used to his style of speech. I think that is also why the authors chose to show both how Mackenzie writes, and how she communicates with others.  For this reason alone I think it’s worth giving it a read if you’re interested in learning more about how people with intellectual disabilities communicate and the difference between receptive and expressive language in people with Ds.

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