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A few weeks ago, there was a “landmark” decision about sheltered workshops that may end up signalling the end to all work opportunities that are deemed exclusive.
Rhode Island Sheltered Workshop Decision on The Road We've Shared

“Rhode Island to become model for desegregating sheltered workshops”

I wrote about my initial thoughts in a previous post:

Legal actions forced de-institutionalization and inclusion in schools.  This IS a good thing – but not appropriate for everyone.  Now, states and private companies are afraid of lawsuits and that is hindering their ability to provide services for those who really need them.

Since then, we’ve had a discussion online in an IDSC group, and gotten more input from other parents.   I’ve also created an online survey for anyone who is the parent/guardian of an adult with Down syndrome to share their thoughts.

We’ve gotten 15 responses so far and the results are mixed.  The survey asks about personal experience and thoughts about whether “sheltered” environments are exploiting our loved ones and should be eliminated.   So far, 4 people think yes, they are bad in every sense and better alternatives should be created.   However, 7 respondents aren’t so sure that this is the way to go.

You can help!

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” Share your thoughts! Survey on jobs & sheltered workshops for adults with #Downsyndrome  “

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The truth is, unless we make our voices heard, we won’t have any say in the matter.   Other states are already following suit.  We’ve seen how one court decision can set a precedent and cause other states to react, sometimes without thinking it through all the way. (i.e. de-institutionalization and inclusion in schools)

As we spend some time this month talking about jobs, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to complete our survey, share your own experience on our Facebook page, or send us a picture of your son/daughter/loved one at work for our Pinterest Board.   If you’ve got a story to share, let us know and we’ll get it posted to our Guest Blog page.

There’s LOTS to talk about this month so stay tuned and join the discussion.   Let YOUR voice be heard!

Adults with Down syndrome work on The Road We've Shared

Also, if you find any good stories already posted online, please share them with us.  I found this great story on “Adventures with Beth.”  Congratulations Beth on your one year anniversary at Little Caesar’s!