By: Maria Hailstone

Josh from the perspective of his 
“Other Mother”

We truly are a “blended family.”  Maria is the mother of Josh’s two fabulous brothers, Jordon and Jared.  (Featured in my “B is for Brothers” post on Walkersvillemom).  The five of us lived together for a time when the boys were young.  Maria got the crash course in Down syndrome!  :D

Thanks Maria for sharing your perspective with us!

“Words can’t describe how much love Josh has brought into our lives, or how much he has to give. I remember when Jordon and Jared were little, and how much Josh loved his brothers instantly.”
Blended families on The Road We've Shared

Maria holding baby Jared, Josh (wearing that purple dinosaur….) , and brother Jordon.

Blended families on The Road We've Shared

The Boys Love them some Rea! Jordon, Maria, Josh, and Jared