Today’s story comes from Susan Adelman.  

Her daughter, Dev, is the inspiration behind the main character – “Sam” in:
Thank you Susan!

Q is for Questions

When Dev was born with DS we had QUESTIONS.  The diagnosis was a surprise.  These were the BIG QUESTIONS: Would she live, would she be healthy, would she grow up?  How will this change our family?

She was discharged from the hospital after a week in the NICU, healthy and ready to go!  Her family stunned but ready to move forward. 

When we looked for a preschool we had Questions: smaller Questions:  Would they take her, would they see beyond her diagnosis and see the sweet child?

The preschool opened their arms and LOVED her, engaged and taught us all.  Our family flourished.

When Dev went to primary school we had questions: smaller and simpler:  Would she make friends, would she learn, would she be outcast?

She made friends, she learned she was not an outcast. (Dev is right behind the girl with the red bow in her hair and #4 on the basketball team)

Middle school questions: she had friends, she was learning.

At the time they were questions, but looking back we can see this was a very easy time!      

High School questions.  As with other times, you do not know how many questions there are until you get close enough to see some of the outcomes.   

Sam's Top Secret Journal on The Road We've Shared

Dev on the left with the glasses.

Sam's Top Secret Journal on The Road We've Shared

Dev in the front in the splits.

Dev LOVES high school, she loves learning, cheerleading, hanging out with friends….  She loves to help in the kitchen, clean, be independent in self care, ride her bike….  but … here is the question:  What is all this schooling for?

We’d been busy working year to year, on classes, learning, friends, independence skills…. Now it is time to think more about the WHY we’ve doing all of this. The reason for school for any student is so you can get some day get a job.  So you can move out, live on your own and pay your own bills… How could this get lost in the day to day inclusion, grade, sports world of school?

Life beyond high school, back to Bigger Questions:

Guardianship, Power of Attorney, Life Trusts, Living Arrangements, Employment, SSI, DDA….

We are in the thick of answering all of these Questions.  When the Questions get bigger it is time to ask for help… just as we did when Dev was born.  We are looking to Special Needs Attorneys rather than medical doctors this time.  We are looking to other families that have gone through this part of the journey. 

The amount of joy, understanding and inspiration our family and friends have gained from having Dev in our lives has never been in Question.  Follow Dev on Facebook at RaiseExpectations, and at

Please keep sharing on “The Road We’ve Shared” to help our community answer all of these day to day questions as well as the bigger social questions that lie all around us.