By: Anne Grunstead

Today’s story comes from a Mother of a young one.  Thanks Anne for sharing your trip with us!

The Grunsteds went to Tampa, Florida for this year’s spring break.  This is the first year Bobby was healthy enough and strong enough to go on an active vacation.  We were all very excited.

We enjoyed the local attractions and Bobby amazed us with his confidence to try new things.  He has worked so hard in Physical Therapy to be able to enjoy unsteady rides and let loose like a 6 year old needs to let loose.

He had fun exploring.

But there was one very special reason we chose Tampa for our trip.  Busch Gardens has a Sesame Street attraction.  And Bobby loves Sesame Street.    He does not care about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but the Sesame Street world is very dear to him.  So we took him to meet his hero.  It was amazing.