When was the unexpected better than what you expected?
This question comes from Mardra in her latest blog hop.She suggests that we go with our first thought – that’s easy – Josh.

I’ve often mentioned to family and friends how lucky I am to have Josh as a son.

There’s no drug issues
No fear of becoming a grandparent too soon
No late night parties, speeding tickets, or car accidents

There are frequent and sincere “I love you”s
Genuine gratitude freely expressed
Hugs in public

and companionship.

Josh on The Road We've SharedWe can debate how much an extra chromosome plays in to some of those things, and how much is just Josh being Josh.At this point in our lives, it doesn’t really matter that much to me.  All that matters is that we genuinely LIKE each other.   We have a relationship that has far surpassed anything I would have expected before he was born.

Thinking about this has made me realize how much we limit ourselves, and others, with expectations.   If we hold strong to what we expect and try to change people to met our ideals, we risk two things: 1) a HUGE headache from slamming our heads against an immovable wall, and 2) missing out on the uniqueness of people and real, honest relationships.  I’m so grateful to Josh for teaching me this and many other valuable life lessons.  (Didn’t expect THAT either!)