By: Stephanie Holland

Joshua LOVES his musicals…

In case you missed it – here’s the trailer for the movie that was released in 1980.

Josh loves to sing, and when he finds a musical with songs that he likes, he’ll watch it a zillion times.   In fact, when he heard me playing the videos trying to choose which one to use for this post he immediately got up and came into the room with “HEY! That’s from my tape! What’s Xanadu doing on you computer thing?”   (a little possessive maybe…)
To be fair – his all time favorites are Grease and Cry Baby.  He knows EVERY word, backward and forward.  He can sing all the songs, but still “talks” to the characters every time he watches:  ”There’s you girlfriend” or “No! Don’t go there!”  His sense of imagination and wonder never gets old.
Old, new, good, bad, classic or “how did this even get made?”  He loves them all.    As a matter of fact – today he’s got High School Musical on – AGAIN!
I wonder if the NEED to sing and dance / perform is located somewhere on the 21st chromosome?   Josh isn’t the only person with Down syndrome that I know who likes musicals…  (Right Marcus?) 
So if you ever need information on some obscure detail from any of the musicals in Josh’s repertoire – he’d be happy to help.  He’d also consider it a given that anyone casting the parts of “Cry Baby Rocker” or “Danny Zucko” would give him first consideration…  :D

In the meantime,  I’ll continue to enjoy the experience of Josh’s performances all by myself —  until the neon lights of Xanadu shine for my personal muse.