Y is for YouTube on the A to Z Blogging ChallengeThese days we have access to music of all kinds at the push of a button.

YouTube is a music lover’s and amateur entertainer’s best friend.

With it, we can dance, share, sing, and enjoy the music we love!


Like this one – watch Craig take over the show!



Many of the videos we’ve shared during the A to Z challenge have come from YouTube. The Road has a channel where we upload our own videos and subscribe or follow our friends. Not only do we get to see and hear performances, we also get to watch and learn about important information about research, caregiving and advocacy in the Down syndrome community.

The Road We’ve Shared on YouTube

The Road We've Shared on YouTube

Some of our friends who have their own channel:

Sarah’s Great Day

Cam Lasley



Global DS Foundation

Performing Arts Studio West

Check them out and let us know if there’s one we’re missing!

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