Thanks to EVERYONE who stepped up and claimed a letter in our A to Z Blogging Challenge!  

I’m SO excited that we have so many different perspectives and voices that will be heard throughout the month!  

Each post will include a picture of the featured letter and it will link to the official Challenge page.  Be sure to stop by some of the other blogs that are participating and show them some love too.   I’ve started getting to know some of them already and there’s LOTS to learn out there!  At last check there were 1848 blogs signed up!  

We’ll also be including the contact info for each individual writer if they have a blog / Facebook page, etc. so you can “Like” them if you’re so inclined.  

This is going to be a GREAT time!   Woo hoo!!

(P.S. – if you didn’t get a letter and REALLY want to be included, please let me know – I’ll figure something out.  Don’t want anyone who wants to be included to feel left out)   😀