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Cam Lasley has been featured on Sproutflix , has several videos on YouTube, and has recorded two albums.



From his video LAZ D – “The Man Himself” Documentary  on YouTube:

“Cam Lasley, born in 1982, first became interested in music when he played drums in the Junior High School band in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Before long he began writing his own thought provoking lyrics, as rap became his music of choice. In High School, Lasley was dubbed “Laz D” by former classmate, and current Atlanta Hawk, Salim Stoudamire, and the name has stuck. In 2005 he began writing the 14 tracks that make up the debut record “The Man Himself”, which in 2006 was produced and recorded by Jack Gibson at the D Compound. In this documentary see LAZ D celebrate the release of his first record, perform at the St. Mary’s School for Boys and entertain the residents of The Markham House where LAZ has worked for over 5 years.


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