New Light

It’s been nearly two years since one of our own perished on the floor of his local movie theater.

As the world joins the discussion about police interactions with the public, new attention has been given to our personal struggle.  Ethan’s case has been compared to that of Eric Garner, the man who was choked to death by police on Staten Island.

A recent NY Times article:

Mr. Garner’s death recalls a similar tragedy involving a less familiar name: Robert Ethan Saylor, a 26-year-old man with Down syndrome who was killed last year in a struggle with three off-duty county sheriff’s deputies at a movie theater in Frederick County, Md. Mr. Saylor was overweight. The officers who killed him were just as inept as Officer Pantaleo and his gang, though with one key difference: When they realized that Mr. Saylor was in distress, they tried to save him. Still, their efforts came too late, because mere moments in a facedown arrest can be deadly.

Yesterday, a video was uploaded to You Tube and tweeted with the #JusticeForEthan hashtag.
The scenes with an animated representation of the struggle between Ethan and the deputies is difficult to watch, but the two minute+ video contains a good synopsis of the facts as we know them.

Rally Planned

Two remembrance ceremonies will be held next month to honor Ethan’s memory and continue the fight for justice.  The events are being organized by the President of Hood College, located in Frederick, MD.

On the anniversary of the night Ethan was killed, we will gather at the scene of the crime – the Westview Cinemas – for a candlelight vigil.

Westview Cinemas

From “Visiting the trail of Injustice”
On January 23rd, there will be a rally at Hood College, followed by a screening of the documentary about Ethan’s life and legacy.

Realizing the Dream at Hood College

Director of Ethan's Law - Ed Rhodes

From the film’s director, Ed Rhodes:

This film attempts to address accountability, behavioral training, and the attitudinal divide of law enforcement while exposing inadequacies in policy, but with a twist. There are solid connections made, not just broad statements about race or pride. This film has worked to expose solutions not just point fingers and exemplify departments that are being proactive and addressing problems.

We are Legion!

From the early days of the fight for #JusticeForEthan we have this mantra:

We are legion!
We will not forget!
Justice For Ethan!

Ethan’s mother, Patti, shared her gratitude tonight saying:

“To all of you continuing the fight for Justice for Ethan… Thank You!”

We at The Road will be doing everything we can to help spread the word about the upcoming events.  We will also host an online vigil on the 12th to coincide with the event in Frederick for those who can not attend.

If you have written a blog post, past or present, that talks about Ethan, please share it with us!

Continuing the March

As you join us in honoring the anniversary, you may want to know that we will be using some new hashtags in addition to the main #JusticeForEthan tag:

#MommyItHurt – Ethan’s sad last words

Here are some graphics you can also use:

Justice For Ethan Campaign

No more Comply or Die