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So how about some fun questions: 

Who is your favorite Muppet?

The two old guys…..they get to say things that most of us are thinking.  They don’t care to be “politically correct”!   There are many days, I’d just like to blurt out something I’m thinking without thinking about consequences!!!!  I actually have enough problems having a lack of filtering at times……but I’d love to be able to get away with the things these guys do.  I bet by the time I’m their age, I will have an awful time controlling my mouth and I probably won’t have too many friends either.  Yes, LOL!  

What song do you sing in the shower?  

I don’t sing in the shower, but I do meditate!  I leave all the singing in this family up to Josh, unless he and I are traveling in the car together and we put in a Celtic Thunder CD – Then, we try to outdo each other.  WE KNOW ALL THE WORDS!!  

What’s your favorite food?

That is a tough one!  Food….I loooove food!  Sweets, I love donuts, but try really hard to have one donut only once a month.  Sometimes I am successful and sometimes not!

How do you relax?

Over the past year, my body has demanded that I find a way to relax.  I have been a care-taker all of my life and it has taken it’s toll on my physical being.  So, I have, in the past year, participated in yoga classes including meditation and try to get regular massages, as well as acupuncture!!  I love napping!!  Camping with my family is great, as there is NOTHING to do at camp, but be with each other ~~~ No technology allowed!  Gardening is where I find my most PEACE, one-on-one with the Universe.  I love my flowers!

Along with some issue questions: 

What do you think about DS-Connect?

I don’t feel the need to register Josh but always suggest that each family do what they feel is right.  Since Josh’s arrival into our family 19 years ago, we have NEVER gone out of our way to be a part of the Down syndrome community in the sense of research or support.  We have just lived our lives and that is how we continue to live.  We try very hard to give back to our community with information that we have gained over the years and we find support within our family-friend network. 

How do you feel about sheltered workshops?

I believe they should remain a choice for families and/or adults with disabilities who love their jobs at sheltered workshops.  They’re not appropriate for everyone but they are for some and they should remain a part of our choices.

Where do you see your loved one living after age 30?

In his own apartment or home with a dog, working a steady, full-time job, and having a social calendar that is more full than mine…..oh yes, and within five minutes driving distance from me & dad!!!!!! 

What is one thing you want the world to know about your son/brother?

He knows more than he can communicate.  WAY MORE!!!!  He is amazing.  He surprises me everyday, even when I think it’s no longer possible for him to do and I would not change anything about our lives together!