Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome


We’re proud to announce a new initiative here on The Road:

“The Road” Scholars!

In conjunction with 321 eLearning, we’re creating a collection of courses designed specifically for parents and caregivers of adults who have Down syndrome.

Our first offering is on a subject that is difficult, but very important to our community.  As parents, we need to be prepared for what may come our way. As caregivers, we need help and support to find the best resources and information. We’ve pulled together information from some of the most respected physicians in the field and stories from parents and caregivers who have been there.

Research, medical, personal stories


Research, medical, caregiving, and personal stories.

Each week we will concentrate on a different aspect of Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome.

You’re given access to the resources and you can study on your own time – your own schedule.

Online texts

In order to save costs on textbooks, we’ve built the course around online resources. All of the texts used in this course will be available with a one month subscription from

More to come!

In the coming months, we’re planning the following additional courses:

Once you’ve become a member on our course site, you can suggest additional topics for future courses.

Your chance to win a free registration!

To celebrate our first course, we’re giving away a free registration.  Get up to five chances to win!

We hope you’ll join us!

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