Jamie Foxx #ExtendOurLives


Sometimes in life, how much you can accomplish is affected by “who you know.”

Celebrities like Jamie Foxx have the ability to reach a huge audience. We’ve all seen how dedicated he is to his family and to causes that touch his heart. His participation in the “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself” to raise awareness and money for Down syndrome research, and the “Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America” show how important these two issues are to him.

We’d like you to ask him for help in raising awareness on an issue at the intersection of the two.

In 2002, researchers published a study that showed that people of color, who also have Down syndrome, died at a MUCH earlier age than their White peers.

More research and community action is needed.

Jamie can help!


If you’d like to help us bring this important issue to his attention you can help us by:

Posting on his Facebook page:

Reach out to him on Twitter:

  • Use hashtags –


Tag him on Instagram:

  • Show him all of the beautiful faces of color who have Down syndrome!
  • Don’t forget the hashtags: #CountUsIn #ExtendOurLives #RaceAndDownSyndrome


Sign our petition: http://bit.ly/ExtendOurLives

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